Dreamy Wool Shawl
Dreamy Wool Shawl
Dreamy Wool Shawl

Dreamy Wool Shawl

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Gorgeous subtle all over floral pattern on a poppy colored wool pashmina background. 

Kani shawl hand stitched and woven in Kashmir carrying all the history of the Kanikar shawls. 

This colorful pattern on a light rose background has a calming and heart opening influence. 

Super fine soft wool and the smaller width of this shawl make it easy to wear it as a stole as well as a shawl.  Great for cooler morning or evenings. 

Nice and long to wrap around yourself. This particular shawl is so soft!  Very easy wool against the skin.  This shawl can easily be used as a large scarf shawl during winter because its not extra wide.  

These shawls all have a deep history and lineage coming from India.  And they have been hand selected by a family member of ours who lives in Chandigarh which is located in Northern India. 

A great lasting gift for all ages!! 


30"W X 80"L 

100% pure wool 

Kashmir, India 

.8 oz