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Peach Moonstone Shearling Sheepskin
Peach Moonstone Shearling Sheepskin

Peach Moonstone Shearling Sheepskin

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- A versatile short hair sheepskin that has multiple uses - use on your computer chair, couch, bed or outdoor venues for added support to your spine and electro-magnetic field. 

- Short wool sheepskins are easy to drape over any chair or couch for added support and comfort to your spine and joints.  They can be layered on top of a long wool sheepskin during yoga and mediations and rolled up as bolster pillow to relieve pressure on your lower back and knees.   

- Ours are super soft because of the ecological clean products we use during the tanning process.  You won't find a nicer short wool sheepskin anywhere!   

- Very soft, easy to maintain, dense and resilient fibers, this is perfect for daily practice.  Each sheepskin is unique and free form although we aim for symmetry.  


Premium shearling sourced from New Zealand.

40" L x 26" W plus 

2"  dense soft wool 

3.0 lbs.