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Coral Dream
Coral Dream
Coral Dream

Coral Dream

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Beautiful subtle all over floral pattern on a rose colored wool pashmina background. 

Kani shawl hand stitched and woven in Kashmir carrying all the history of the Kanikar shawls. 

Gorgeous subtle colorful pattern on a light rose background has a calming and heart opening influence. 

Super fine soft wool and the smaller width of this shawl make it easy to wear it as a stole as well as a shawl.  Great for cooler morning or evenings. 

Nice and long to wrap around yourself. 

These shawls all have a deep history and lineage coming from India.  And they have been hand selected by a family member of ours who lives in Chandigarh which is located in Northern India. 


30"W X 80"L 

100% pure wool 

Kashmir, India