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Silver Streak Natural Sheepskin
Silver Streak Natural Sheepskin

Silver Streak Natural Sheepskin

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We love the unique pattern of wool color on the top of this natural undyed sheepskins and how the skin naturally comes to a peak. 

The deep dark brown crown with a star in the center top portion is our silver streak.   The dark brown marking in the center of the skin give it a grounding feel.  The sheepskin is light weight, and the wool is dense and fluffy.                  

Used this sheepskin in a variety of ways - in any room for added decor and warmth,  on the floor, over a chair or couch, and as added padding and comfort on any seating surface.  It can be used for yoga and meditation. 

This natural skin has a great boho earthy feel which is super relaxing and warming.  

All one of a kind.   


41" L X 25" W 

3" wool 

2 lb