Last few days of September! A great time for a new sheepskin and remedy oil!

Amethyst Cloud Sheepskin Pillow

Amethyst Cloud Sheepskin Pillow

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- beautiful single sided pillow supports you during yoga and meditation

- amethyst purple eases your mind with its beautiful etheric opening uplifting color 

- great for the couch on the floor sitting 

- long wool purple wool covers the front and there is a fiber backing  

- stuffing hypo allergenic polyester

- easy to transport 

- 7th chakra activation and support 

colors available in :  amethyst, rose shimmer pink, teal blue, white 

purchase and email us or dm us color preference 


Sheepskin from New Zealand 

Zipper with separate pillow insert for machine wash 

24" X 24" 

3 lbs