Big Heart Natural Sheepskin
Big Heart Natural Sheepskin

Big Heart Natural Sheepskin

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We love the dark brown full coat of wool on this sheepskin.  

The deep dark brown rounded crown and full long wool with large dark brown circle at the heart center makes this sheepskin stand out in the naturals.  

Used this sheepskin in a variety of ways - in any room for added decor and warmth,  on the floor, over a chair or couch, and as added softness and warmth on any seating surface.  You can do any ceremony or rituals on it; and a bit of yoga and meditation.  

Great boho earthy feel which is super relaxing and warming; and the sheepskin is quite light and fluffy.  

Large and thick enough to be enjoyed for yoga and meditation, and any other practice that staying grounding in sacred space is important. 

One of a kind.   


42" L X 26" W  

3"- 4"  wool 

3 lb