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Dream Catcher Natural Sheepskin
Dream Catcher Natural Sheepskin

Dream Catcher Natural Sheepskin

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Thick and dense natural sheepskin with marvelous markings throughout.  

Filled with unique one of a kind markings, the wool on this pelt is very soft and all over curly and wavy. The wool is a good length all over 2" long.  

This has a great earthy feel with the brown markings throughout.  Use it as a layering piece, for meditation, tarot cards, and anything where you want an extra organic vibe.  

These sheepskins are more delicate compared to our other long wool sheepskins.  They hold a natural vibration and are decorative in your home or meditation room, and can be used occasionally for your yoga practice to preserve the skin. 

Not intended for every day yoga use - better suited for meditation, to relax on, or to use under your feet on an ottoman.   

Specs:  New Zealand 

 42" L X 25" W 

2" wool 

3 lbs.