Blue Lace Violet Double Sheepskin

Blue Lace Violet Double Sheepskin

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This large, lustrous double sheepskin rug will inspire your yoga and meditation practice. Large enough for Reiki practitioners or for partners yoga, the color will heal the soul and enhance deep relaxation. Lay it by the fireside or at the end of your bed – either way, it will look and feel superb. Soft, sumptuous comfort and natural warmth are inherent in our sheepskins.

A double Sheepskin Rug with long lustrous dense soft wool is inviting and roomy.

Practice your favorite yoga postures, meditate, receive Reiki, or enjoy partners yoga. The soothing soft blue color will calm and sooth the senses and lend to a deep meditative restorative time. 

Soft sumptuous comfort, natural warmth, and healing are inherent in our sheepskins. 


Premium sheepskin New Zealand

72" L x 24" W

2.5" pile

4 lbs.