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Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin
Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin

Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin

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This beautiful sheepskin is one of a kind with Gorgeous brown black long wool and regal dark tones throughout.  

It's unusually wide and spacious and has very soft, sensuous, extra long wool 6". 

Use it as a rug, on your bed, chair or couch, and for sacred ceremonies.

The sheepskin would be a stunning energetic centerpiece in a meditation space or in your living room.  

Feel grounded on this one of a kind sheepskin. Theres a series of 15  and each one has its own unique shape, weight and color.  A lower chakra activator and strength giver. 

Specs:  Northern European Icelandic sheepskin tanned in New Zealand. 

40" L X 32" W 

6" wool length

3 lbs. 

This particular grouping of Natural Icelandics have a thick leather pelt due to the fact they have been tanned in New Zealand in a particular old school fashion.  We like that.  We bought the last of a collection of Icelandics tanned in this fashion.