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Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin
Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin

Earth Angel Icelandic Sheepskin

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This beautiful sheepskin with Gorgeous brown black long wool and regal dark tones throughout.  

It's unusually wide and spacious and has very soft, sensuous, extra long wool 6". 

Use it as a rug, on your bed, chair or couch, and for sacred ceremonies.

The sheepskin would be a stunning energetic centerpiece in a meditation space or in your living room.  

Feel grounded on this one of a kind sheepskin. Theres a series of 15  and each one has its own unique shape, weight and color.  A lower chakra activator and strength giver. 

Specs:  Northern European Icelandic sheepskin tanned in New Zealand. 

40" L X 30" W 

5-6" wool length

4 lbs. 

This particular grouping of Natural Icelandics have a thick leather pelt due to the fact they have been tanned in New Zealand in a particular old school fashion.  We like that.  We bought the last of a collection of Icelandics tanned in this fashion.