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Feather Light Natural Sheepskin
Feather Light Natural Sheepskin

Feather Light Natural Sheepskin

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Feelings of gentleness and crystal visions emanate from this sheepskin. 

This skin has soft soft wool and a wide even ivory body.  Its glowing ivory with a few accents of dark brown cacao markings mostly on the upper part of the sheepskin. 

Great for anyone to enjoy.  Versatile for any room of your home which will bring a lot of warmth and comfort to you. 

Great as an altar ceremonial piece,  decorative in your home or for yoga and meditation. 

Beautiful vibration to have in your home.  This is a large sheepskin for this type of naturals.  Very soft beautiful dense long wool.  


42" L X 28" W 

3"  wool 

3 lb.