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Spotted Taj
Spotted Taj
Spotted Taj

Spotted Taj

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Beautiful dark spots on this sheepskin and its nice and long too!  

Feelings of physical strength and vitality come from this sheepskin. 

Soft, sensuous, pliable long wool, and very fluffy wool.

They are  wonderful as a rug, on your bed or chair and will enhance wherever you put them down.   

All one of a kind. Gorgeous markings and colorations on this one. 

Great for anyone to enjoy.  Versatile for any room of your home which will bring a lot of warmth and comfort to you. 

Very very unique in its dark coloring and white with large spots then dark brown bottom.  


Natural color sheepskin tanned in New Zealand. 

43" L x 27" W

2"- 3" wool length 

3.0 lbs.