Happy End of March Spring! ** Spring forward with a new sheepskins and yogic energy oil!

Royal Purple Sheepskin
Royal Purple Sheepskin

Royal Purple Sheepskin

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- A gorgeous warming purple hue that will be great as a throw, in a bedroom or den, or uplifting for kundalini yoga and meditation.  

- This color emanates peaceful actions and compassion - a full lotus inspiration. 

- You to be covered from the top of your head to mid-thigh for layouts in your classes with this sheepskin. 

-The imperial purple color helps you connect to your upper chakras and provides you a place of integrity for meditation and contemplation ~  a 6th chakra activator 


Premium sheepskin from  New Zealand.

40" L x 25" W

3" pile

3.0 lbs. 

Machine washable, air dry.