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Granite Waves
Granite Waves

Granite Waves

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Natural undyed sheepskins with beautiful natural patterns.   

Extra long wool with a wave to it.  Love the grey brown tones up top with the white tips and thicker wool. A stripe of dark brown at the very top arch leads the way. 

Each has its own character.  Can be used in any room for added decor and warmth.  great on the floor, over a chair or couch, and as added padding and comfort on any seating surface.  

Great boho earthy feel to this skin which would be great as a layer piece.  

This sheepskin has varying length of wool throughout the sheepskin.  Its long and lanky and thinner than some others because of the longer wool.  A beauty in its uniqueness.  


42" L X 25" W X 27" wings 

1.5"-2" wool 

1 lb.