Mother Earth Double Sheepskin

Mother Earth Double Sheepskin

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- Stretch out on this beautiful golden earth double sheepskin. 

- Perfect for practicing your favorite yoga postures, meditating, receiving Reiki,  partners anything, and a beautiful addition to your home decor.

- The uplifting grounding golden black tipped color will reminded us of the color of the fields close to the ocean which balance the senses and lend to a deep meditative restorative time. 

- Soft sumptuous comfort, natural warmth, and healing are inherent in our sheepskins.

- this color is 3rd chakra balancing and grounding and leads to deep relaxation.

-  2 of these beauties left as this is an rare specialty color 


Premium sheepskin New Zealand

72" L x 24" W

2"+ pile

8 lbs.