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Namo Namo
Namo Namo
Namo Namo

Namo Namo

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Natural undyed sheepskins with beautiful natural patterns and flows of rejuvenation. 

We love the marking with the wave in it and solid spot in the middle.  Completion.   Soft tipped grey cacao tones with white tips and a smooth angel white below.  Thicker wool up top and great brown color sides.  

Great boho earthy feel to them.  Very versatile sheepskin. 

All one of a kind.  This is the sheepskin you will get.  

Amazing patterns, and color of the wool tell a story.  This pelt is a light, weight and is quite supple with a consistent length of fluffy soft wool. 


38" L X 26" W 

1.5 -  2" wool 

1 lb.