Native Kiva Natural Sheepskin
Native Kiva Natural Sheepskin

Native Kiva Natural Sheepskin

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Free flowing and expressive in its colors of mid to light brown, and white patterning - this natural sheepskin is very unique and grounding.  We love the matching spots on this pelt throughout the body and crown. 

The wool is quite dense and soft - almost with a felted feel.  We love the consistent shape from top to bottom, this is a heavy pelt with longer wool throughout. 

Great for ceremony such as cacao, tarot card readings, healings of all types and to meditate on. They hold a natural vibration and are decorative anywhere in your home.

This sheepskin is sturdy enough to be used for your yoga and meditation practice. 

One of a kind and that has so much character and uniqueness.  Don't hesitate if you see one you love.  

Specs: New Zealand 

42" L X 26" W 

3" wool length 

3 lbs.