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Nirvana Pearly White Square Sheepskin Rug

Nirvana Pearly White Square Sheepskin Rug

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- Meditate on this beautiful hand stitched sheepskin rug and find yourself relaxed and in bliss.  This unique combination of color and size makes it extraordinary for Kundalini Yogis desiring a white sheepskin for their environment. 

 -  It's a wonderful versatile size that will easily accommodate you during any meditation and yoga posture, and serve as a gorgeous rug in your home.

- Delight your feet and body in how soft and soothing the wool is to the touch with a silky soft long wool center and the outer edge finished in the softest short wool. Limited series hand stitched .  


Premium long hair and short wool sheepskin Rug from New Zealand and stitched in NZ.

42" L x 26.5" W  

2" pile

3.0 lbs.