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Dark Cacao Peak
Dark Cacao Peak

Dark Cacao Peak

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Natural undyed sheepskins with beautiful natural patterns.   

A deep dark brown crown with a nice natural shape to the top of the sheepskin and a few subtle dark brown spot make this special. The dark brown is deep and very soft dense wool.  

Used this sheepskin in a variety of ways - in any room for added decor and warmth,  on the floor, over a chair or couch, and as added padding and comfort on any seating surface.  

Great boho earthy feel which is super relaxing and warming. 

Beautiful variation of wool textures although this pelt is very even with super soft dense wool throughout.  The wool length is slightly longer at the bottom.  

This skin has a sweet sweet feel and is quite large too. 

All one of a kind.   


43" L X 24.5" W X 30" wings 

2"- 3" wool 

2 lb.