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Orange Swirl
Orange Swirl
Orange Swirl
Orange Swirl

Orange Swirl

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Take me back in time to the classics where all the detailing on our clothing was done by specialist with family lineage of craftsmanship.  This is this shawl. 

Chain stitch embroidery has long been associated with the Indian region of Kashmir.  

This Kani style pattern is a classic craft of Kashmir.   A Kani sal is a type of Kashmire shawl. It is one of the oldest handicrafts of Kashmir. 

This is a versatile color palette that can go with anything.  

Large and long enough to use as a sadhana savasana blanket or wrap it completely around yourself comfortably and fashionably. 

The wool is tightly woven, light weight and flowing feel.  This is a classic shawl to start or add to your collection.


43'W X 86"L 

100% fine Merino Wool 

Kanihama, Kashmir