Prana Apana Natural Sheepskin
Prana Apana Natural Sheepskin

Prana Apana Natural Sheepskin

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We love the unique pattern of wool color on the top and body of this natural undyed sheepskins.  Its quite a wide sheepskin - even mostly from top to bottom. This sheepskin exudes a feeling of spaciousness and openness.  

The deep dark brown crown with a nice natural shape to the top of the sheepskin and a  dark brown spots on the bottom give the pelt a lot of character. The dark brown is deep and very soft long wool runs throughout the entire body of the sheepskin. 

There are many uses for this sheepskin. Place in any room for added decor and warmth,  on the floor, over a chair or couch, and as added padding and comfort on any seating surface.  You can use it for ceremonies, tarot readings, and during yoga  meditation. 

This is one of a series of natural sheepskins.  Each is unique and they go fast so don't hesitate if you want a natural undyed sheepskin.  Wool is very soft and nice on this pelt too. 


From New Zealand. 

41" L X 27" W plus  

3" wool

3 lb