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Dark Grey Mystic Sheepskin
Dark Grey Mystic Sheepskin

Dark Grey Mystic Sheepskin

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- Gorgeous grey blue silver long wool sheepskin provides a comfortable energetic base for your kundalini yoga practice. Its silver light color is expansive like the sky, uplifting and healing. 

- You'll get good padding, length, and coziness from this sheepskin.  It will cover you during all postures in Kundalini including covering you head to upper thigh in your layouts. 

- The sheepskin has been tanned with ecologically friendly ingredients and the sheep are free range with the pelts being byproduct.    

- activating for the aura and 7th chakra crown. 


Origin: New Zealand  

Machine Washable. Air dry. 

40" L x 24" W plus 

2-3" pile

3.0 lbs