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Silvery Sadhana Sheepskin
Silvery Sadhana Sheepskin

Silvery Sadhana Sheepskin

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Mongolian tibetan sheepskins are super soft and light weight.

They are consistent in their shape yet free form with silky wavy curls. 

You can use them as a layer piece on furniture or pillows or in your meditation alter space.  

They can also be worn and incorporated into clothing. 

Hairs of this incredibly soft wool are spun into cashmere. 

Like all our other sheepskins, these are by-products recycled. 

Do not brush this type of wool skin.  Shake it to keep it fresh. 

These are super super lightweight.  Can sit on for a yoga practice on top of another sheepskin or pillow if you want padding.  A beautiful soft vibration to have in your meditation space or anywhere in your home. 

Makes a great travel sheepskin. 

 38”-40" L X 20-24" W 

Origin: East Asia via New Zealand 

1 lb.