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Deep Earth Natural Sheepskin
Deep Earth Natural Sheepskin

Deep Earth Natural Sheepskin

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This sheepskin is a beautiful dark brown throughout with a definitive white grey spotted asymmetrical bottom corners. 

Feelings of physical strength and vitality come from this sheepskin. 

The wool is quite long, super soft and strong, and dense. 

They are  wonderful as a rug, on your bed or chair and will enhance wherever you put them down.   Versatile for any room of your home which will bring a lot of warmth and comfort to you.  

This is last from a batch we acquired from New Zealand.  If you see one you love - go for it!  They are all so unique in character.  

Specs: New Zealand 

42" L X 25" W 28" Bottom

2 & 3" wool 

3 lbs