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Snow White Easy Pose

Snow White Easy Pose

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- an energetically grounding foundation for your kundalini yoga practice;  

- accommodates most of the positions in Kundalini Yoga and will cover you head to butt for postures, and your torso for layouts.  

-  Beautiful wool with nice loft and very soft.  A great option if you want a good size sheepskin for meditation with good loft that isn't going to take up too much space.  

-  tanned with ecologically friendly ingredients. This makes the wool super soft and the hide extremely flexible yet durable and healthy for you.  

- the white golden color opens up your aura and 8th chakra 


Origin: New Zealand 

Machine Washable. Air dry. 

38" L x 24" W plus

1.5"- 2" pile 

2.0 lbs.