The Stressless Brain
The Stressless Brain

The Stressless Brain

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A great resource for meditation - 

The Stressless Brain is an introduction for people to use meditative tools to change, transition, and ultimately heal their stress anxiety.  

 Contact the authors for 37 digital mantras and give musical downloads.  

This book offers specific action plans for meditation to help you relieve your stress and begin on a path of meditation practices.  

Reviews say "it is a successful, accessible, and conversational guide to kundalini meditation with emphasis on patience and practice."

"inviting and empowering with its introductions to meditation." 

Written by Madhur-Nain Webster who is a yogi, mom, wife, and solutions focused therapist who focuses on empowering her clients from the inside out with tools to change and better their lives.   

A life changing gift to yourself or your friends and family. 


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