Tigers Eye Sheepskin

Tigers Eye Sheepskin

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Tigers eye is a beautiful calming shade of beige with ivory tips. 

These is a beautiful sensuous sand color sheepskin with calming tones.

An earthy and angelic feel at the same time. Step into this tranquil warming light and super plush feel.  

The gorgeous color gives it an extra magical sheen that invites warmth, contemplation, relaxation and inner depth.   A perfect sheepskin for any room in your home where you desire comfort and inspiration.  

This blessed sheepskin is a wonderful addition to any sacred practice you enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Tea & Cacao Ceremony, Tarot, and Music. 

Activate and sooth your 3rd chakra with this gorgeous version of tan with a full shiny glow.  Feel the peace on this sheepskin. 

Last one! 


New Zealand origin

40" L x 25"W 

2" pile

3.0 lbs.