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Snow White Easypose Sheepskin
Snow White Easypose Sheepskin

Snow White Easypose Sheepskin

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 - This long wool ivory white sheepskin provides a comfortable energetic base for your kundalini yoga practice (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).  Its soft white color is neutral and up lifting.  

- You'll get good padding, length, and coziness from this sheepskin.  It's large and long enough to cover you during all postures in Kundalini.

- this makes an good choice for your practice of  Kundalini, & Tantric

- its a generous size, smaller than the white quartz tantric yet very good for yoga and for travel. 

- great around the house as a sheepskin throw. 

 - ethically, ecological, and sustainable sourced. 

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Origin: New Zealand  

Machine Washable. Air dry. 

38" L x 24" W

1.5" pile

2 lbs