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Snow White Easypose Throw
Snow White Easypose Throw

Snow White Easypose Throw

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 - This long wool ivory white sheepskin provides a comfortable energetic base for your kundalini yoga practice (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).  Its soft white color is neutral and up lifting.  

- You'll get good padding, length, and coziness from this sheepskin.  It's large and long enough to cover you during all postures in Kundalini including covering you head to upper thigh in your layouts.  (depending on your height more could get covered)

- this makes an excellent choice for your practice of daily Kundalini, & Tantric, its a generous size just a touch smaller than the white quartz tantric.

 - ethically, ecological, and sustainable sourced. 


Origin: New Zealand  

Machine Washable. Air dry. 

38" L x 22-24" W

1.5"- 2" pile

1.5 lbs