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Snow White Easy Pose
Snow White Easy Pose
Snow White Easy Pose

Snow White Easy Pose

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 - This long shorter wool ivory white sheepskin provides a comfortable energetic base.   

- this sheepskin is very versatile and can be used around the house as a sheepskin throw, over chairs, on the couch or below your feet.

-  an smaller size for kundalini yoga and is great anywhere you want to add texture and warmth; excellent value 

- a good sheepskin if you are just starting out in your yoga practice, and want an easy to move around sheepskin 

-  Its soft white color is neutral and uplifting activating the aura 8th chakra

- other options are the white tantric quartz, and anything under the white sheepskin heading and all short wools and curly whites and tans


Origin: New Zealand  

Machine Washable. Air dry.

37" L x 22" W mid  26" W bottom 

1"  pile

1.0 lbs