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White Quartz Heaven - Eight Pelt Rug

White Quartz Heaven - Eight Pelt Rug

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- 8 pelt luxurious, naturally shaped sheepskin pelts stitched together and matched symmetrically. These have beautiful soft silky wool. 

- a full room of luxury and high vibrations

- use as a luxurious floor for your meditation room, in your living room or bedroom too. Functions beautifully a high end area rug for any room of your home.  

- Drape your couch this glistening sensuous rug to create the ultimate relaxation, meditation, and reading nook. 

- They make a superb teaching podiums providing ultimate coverage and grounding, protection, and insulation to your spine and energy field.  


Premium sheepskin of New Zealand and Australia 

84" L X 70" wide  

2" wool pile 

22 lbs. 

Dry cleaning suggested or wash as an area rug in your home and vacuum lightly with an upholstery attachment.  Brush with wire pet brush as needed.