Gray-Mist Shortwool Sheepskin
Gray-Mist Shortwool Sheepskin

Gray-Mist Shortwool Sheepskin

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- A versatile short hair sheepskin with short lustrous dense wool that can be easily carried to yoga class and rolled up as a bolster.

- Very soft and easy to maintain, dense and resilient in its fibers makes a perfect sheepskin to practice on daily and is sought after for kundalini yoga and certain decors.   They are very comfortable to sleep on, very supportive for the spine, and adaptable to warm or cooler climates.

- Short wool skins are easy to drape over any chair or couch for added support and comfort. They can be layered on top of a long wool sheepskin for added support.Each sheepskin is unique and free form although we aim for some symmetry for a balanced look.  

- Grey shading may vary slightly from our photo.  Very soothing for your practice. Sheepskin can be cut by you to any shape you desire. 


Premium shearling sheepskin from Australia - free form natural.

38-42" L x  24"W

1.5-2" pile

2.0 lbs.