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GuruDev Yogic Remedy Oils

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Handmade Kashmire Shawls from India

Beautiful one of a kind 100% fine wool Kani shawls from Kashmire India.  Classic hand stitched embroidery woven and raised on high caliber 100% wool. 

Intended for spring summer pop ups, tantric and teacher training graduations - we have adapted and are bringing them to you online.  

Use over a sweater or T-shirt, as a meditation shawl, or a light blanket.  Light weight soft wool, natural fibre breathable, these unique beautiful shawls will bring you years of use and enjoyment.  We hope you love them as much as we do. 

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Music Meditation Bundles

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We Practice on Sheepskins



I am in love with "Feather" she is absolutely beautiful and adds so much to my Kundalini Yoga and Meditations! So happy I went with the Icelandic. Thank you for the beautiful card.
Much love and joy to you!

Donna, Kundalini Teacher Trainee, Millis, MA

Arjan is an inspiration to all who meet her. Besides her creative and lighthearted spirit, she is courageous and is pure joy and love. She has been so generous and kind to me over these years and has become a beautiful light and friend in my life. Her sheepskins are one of a kind as she nurtures them and ignites them with so much healing and love energy. Her jewelry holds the highest vibrations. Such beautiful and unique pieces and they are filled with TLC. If you have yet to purchase from the Sheepskin Mama shop or experience their sheepskins (do sit on them as they choose you!) then, don't miss out any longer! Highly recommend all of their products and you may just get a hug or seeds of her boundless wisdom when seeing Arjan too. 

Daneille Federico, The Modern Spiritualist, North Reading, Mass.

The sheepskin arrived and is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be gifting this.

'Feather White Crystal Clear Icelandic'

Tom L., Lousiana

I was really excited to receive my Rose quartz pink sheepskin and begin meditating with it. The pictures are so beautiful.  I want to let you know my stunning sheepskin arrived today! It is so beautiful, I absolutely love it!! I’m adoring my sheepskin, it is divine. 😊 Thanks so much for taking care of the situation with the shipping and being wiling to cover everything no matter what. I really appreciated that. Warm wishes from Ireland. 🙏💜✨  

Shalom Lambert, Yogini, Dublin, Ireland

I love my grey short wool sheepskin!  Received today...excellent service, many thanks.  Thank you for helping me with creating this cozy little reading nook to escape to!  I love these sheepskins, they are truly magical - a real treasure. 
So happy we met.  Talk soon and thank you for your support and love.  🙏❤️  

Paper Jules, Artist - Painter and Photography, Newport, RI

Sat Nam, hope this email finds you Happy, healthy and holy 😃🙏.  I received my sheepskin a couple of weeks ago.  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am!  I absolutely love my sheepskin!  Sending you love peace & light from Venezuela!

Daniela - Jaskaram Kaur, Venezuela

Sheepskin Mama sheepskins are luxurious and beautiful! I have them all over my SkinCare studio, home, car and my dogs use them too! I love the lush quality and colors, and they fulfill my indulgence to be surrounded in beautiful style. I use them to help me sleep. I recommend this product for those looking for the highest quality in sheepskins and heartfelt customer service. 

MaryDee Housley, SkinPerks Studio, Providence, RI

I have several of Sheepskin Mama's sheepskins and I couldn't be happier with the quality and depth of color the rugs have. I use them for yoga, meditation, Reiki, reading books and my children even love snuggling up on them in their room to play with! I use different colors to help accentuate different elements I need to incorporate in my life. I highly recommend using the sheepskins as part of your yogic practice and in every day life. Sheepskin Mama's rugs are sustainable, beautiful and carry such a wonderful energy that I can't imagine buying one anywhere else. 

Katie Kendall, Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini Yogi, Momma to Two beautiful toddler boys

Sat nam all you beloved yogis! For so many years now I have bought and thoroughly enjoyed my sacred sheepskins from Sheepskin Mama.  They research and make available to us the best sheepskins in the world.  Their sensitive, creative and caring nature welcomes you to their great line of beautiful products. Love to you all. 

Dharma Kaur Khalsa, Ashram Secretary and Gurdwara Sevadar, Millis, MA