Who We Are


Sat nam.  We are a very small business committed to supporting people on their spiritual paths, devoted to alternative health and healing inside your home and inside of you.  We have been practicing hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation since our late teens and early twenties. We have been seekers of the truth since childhood. Many spiritual paths and yoga led us to Yogi Bhajan and the spiritual path of Kundalini community and the Sikh lifestyle and religion. We began selling sheepskins at local tantric courses, summer & winter solstices, and local classes. We have been trained as yoga teachers.  All involved in the business are involved in holistic health, yoga and meditation, and merge the worlds into a life of service.  We have a interest in art, design, textures, the earth, animals, people, love of life, and respect for all.

The business evolved over the years and now we are a small family team.  We pursue the highest caliber products that we can find.  We are committed to offering the most  luxurious sustainably and ethically sourced sheepskins of high caliber farms from people we know and trust.  Standards have evolved over the years and we source tanneries with the latest methods of healthy tanning and ecological friendly practices.  We use eco-cert companies that recycle their wastes and use the latest clean ingredients in processing.  We send every sheepskin to you with a prayer for you and immense gratitude and love to the sheep and the sheep's lineage.  

We share a broad vision for home use, healers, families with children and elders, and pet owners.  We tailor our inventory to the needs and wants of those practicing yoga and meditation, tea ceremony, sound healing, reiki and fire ceremony.  We excel in having a wide selection of sheepskins of unique gorgeous colors, textures and styles as well as our core white and off white options. Endless health benefits from sheepskins and wool are bountiful for your mind, body and spirit.  Again, we are committed to sourcing sustainable ethically processed sheepskins from small organic farms that are a byproduct of the meat industry who strive to recycle all products used in their manufacturing processes.  

As a student and friend of GuruDev Singh,  it is a blessing to sell and provide his healing Yogic Remedy Oils.  Our business platform and family is enriched with experience and knowledge of the alternative health care industry from the topical to internal remedy side.  These oils are remedies - very unique, specific and nurturing.  We are trained in Sat Nam Rasayan Healing as well as other healing modalities, and these are a beautiful compliment to the healing lineage.  They are intended for anyone and everyone as ongoing self care. 

Our mission and prayer is that you experience a difference after incorporating what we offer you into your spiritual practice and  into your homes and lifestyle.  All our products come with a healing blessings infused in them.  

We believe in giving back.  We offer many sheepskins and oils throughout the year and we support the global and local issue of food scarcity.  We participate supporting a program close to our home and ashram - Guru Nanak Community Kitchen program.  For $108 per year you can help feed a family with non-perishable vegetarian food which is distributed in Norfolk County and Providence RI. 


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