Sushumna Shawls

Beautiful Sushumna Shawls from Northern India.  Handstitched details on soft 100% wool. All one of a kind and individually selected from the artist for their beauty and classic craftsmanship. All sustainably and ethically sourced. 

Sushumna: very gracious and kind.  Sushumna energy runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras.  When the channels are unblocked by the action of yoga, the energy of the kundalini uncoils and rises up the sushumna from the base of the spine. The energy passes though the senses and chakras to the spiritual eye giving us awareness and enlightenment.

Kani and Kashmire 100% wool shawls with a beautiful  history, tradition and craftsmanship.  All hand selected from Northern India by an elder woman who is family and who can support the local craftspeople.   It's very special to be able to offer you these large length and width wool shawls that are classic and timeless and hand selected by family in India.  The shawls have a long life of over 20 years.

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