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Bronze Brahma Sheepskin Rug
Bronze Brahma Sheepskin Rug

Bronze Brahma Sheepskin Rug

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Beautiful bronze sheepskin rug with 4 perfectly matched pelts.  

Enjoy in any room of your home or as part of your yoga meditation sound journey and tea ceremonies. 

Our quad sheepskin rug with long, lustrous dense wool features a natural shape of 4 sheepskins well-matched and stitched together. 

Drape your couch with this beautifully, glistening sensuous rug to create the ultimate relaxation and reading nook. Lay one on the floor or over the end of your bed.

 They make a superb home studio yoga and meditation space,  providing ultimate grounding, protection, and insulation to your spine, environment and energy field.

The quads are outstanding - thick and beautifully matched.  Highest caliber and tanned with the greenest product possible. 


Premium sheepskin from New Zealand

75" L x 48" W

3"  pile plus

10 lbs