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Golden-White Manicured Shortwool XL
Golden-White Manicured Shortwool XL

Golden-White Manicured Shortwool XL

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- A versatile skin with short, lustrous dense wool that can be easily carried to yoga class and rolled up as a bolster. Very soft and easy to maintain, dense and resilient in its fibers makes a perfect sheepskin to practice on daily and is sought after for kundalini yoga, sleeping, recovery from surgery, or for your work chair.  

- Medical Grade sheepskins go through extra processes to allow the sheepskin to be washed more frequently and their fibers are denser than most short hair skins.  They are a manicured short wool rather than a free form size.  Their fibers are very consistent and the sheepskins have been certified to be used in medical facilities and in some cases covered by medical insurance.   

- Perfect when you/re one position for an extended period of time and for sleeping.  Medical studies show sheepskins prevent bedsores and increase circulation due to the air circulation between the fibers and your skin.

  • Sanitized for added protection against bacteria
  • The perfect ally in medical care facilities or in the home.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Reduces the primary causes of pressure sores -- moisture, pressure, and friction -- due to confinement in one position.
  • High density wool fibers provide a cushion to distribute and relieve pressure on vulnerable pressure points, reduce strain on skin

- these are also great to sleep on and for an desk chair 

- all of our short wool sheepskins are good for extended sitting or laying in one place - hoeverever these are cut to shape and the leather has gone through an extra process.  The ones we select are the largest size available in a single pelt. 


New Zealand/Australia free range sheep 

Machine wash and air or tumble dry 

40" L x 26" W plus 

1.5- 2" dense pile (softest)

3.0 lbs.