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Aventurine Aura Sheepskin

Aventurine Aura Sheepskin

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This wonderful new color healing green sheepskin will transport you to the lush peaceful outdoors anytime you sit on it. 

Good for meditation and yoga; in your home or on the go, the soft and warm bright hues of this sheepskin will leave you feeling uplifted, happy and healed.

Our sheepskins are grounding and foster ease in meditation.  This light green aventurine emanates qualities of healing and peace.   

An excellent heart center 4th chakra healer and activator representing health, prosperity and abundance.  

This is such a beautiful heart opening shade of green with all the healing attributes of aventurine.  You will feel it relaxing you.  


Premium sheepskin from New Zealand

40" L x 25" W

3" pile

3 lbs.