Happy End of March Spring! ** Spring forward with a new sheepskins and yogic energy oil!

Baby Bambino Fluffy Sheepskin
Baby Bambino Fluffy Sheepskin

Baby Bambino Fluffy Sheepskin

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-Your infant will be surrounded with love and comfort on top of this beautiful soft long wool infant and toddler's sheepskin. 

-The sheepskin brings calming and centering wherever you put them on it;  it has an instant comfort and soothing effect to their nerves and electromagnetic field. 

-Perfect for year round use.  Natural sheepskin naturally absorbs moisture so baby stays drier happier.  Wool is an adaptogenic fiber where it cools in the summer and warms in the winter.  

-Our infant sheepskins are naturally hypoallergenic. 

This product is the long wool cream colored.  The white is an icelandic just for show. 


New Zealand 

35"L X 22" W 

Machine Washable  and Cool Dry

(Full care instructions shipped with the sheepskin)

2.0 lbs.