Happy End of March Spring! ** Spring forward with a new sheepskins and yogic energy oil!

Orchid Travel Curly Sheepskin
Orchid Travel Curly Sheepskin

Orchid Travel Curly Sheepskin

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This curly short wool sheepskin is great for a soft wool base yet thin enough to pack in a suitcase or take anywhere. 

Can be used for ceremonies and meditation - and doubled up too!  

Beautiful tight curly wool.   The color is a cross between purple and berry.  

Enjoy all the healing attributes of wool. Easy to transport. 

Great color and boho earthy vibes. 

Definitely a good sheepskin for kundalini and works well with a mat under it too and for travel.   Upper chakra activation on this one and total grounding too. 

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New Zealand 

38-40"" L X 25" wide 

2 lb.