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Blue Midnight Sheepskin
Blue Midnight Sheepskin
Blue Midnight Sheepskin

Blue Midnight Sheepskin

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- A sheepskin color to sooth the senses and open the third eye. 

- This gorgeous deep blue color with subtle black tips gives it an extra magical sheen that is grounding, opens the third eye, invites contemplation, and creativity.  Dance with the moon.  

- If you want a fantastic sheepskin that feels like riding the midnight sky - and is great for yoga,  healing and is a work of art - this is for you.  A perfect sheepskin for any space that could use a transformation. 

- Blue Midnight tipped is tipped in black onyx color. This sheepskin color activates the 5th throat chakra.  The main energy of this blue is communication and this color soothes the soul.  Blue connects you with the Divine.  

- Dive into the portal of the upper chakras while balancing the lower. 


Premium sheepskin from New Zealand

42" L x 25" W

3" pile

3.0 lbs.