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Celestial Zen Quad
Celestial Zen Quad
Celestial Zen Quad

Celestial Zen Quad

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Expand your self in comfort and with ease on one of these exceptionally gorgeous quad sheepskin rugs. 

This size is generous and versatile in your home. 

The wool is very luxurious and highest caliber, given the green methods of tanning and dying, and quality of wool in the skins.  

Colors available:  tigers eye,  light golden light,  celestite zen

You can purchase this sheepskin to get the weekend special - and we will send you pics to confirm any color you want before we ship.  These are a gorgeous lot we just got. Took since January for us to get them made and shipped over!  Go for it! 


Premium sheepskin from New Zealand

72" L x 48" W

2.5" - 3" dense wool 

16 lbs.