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Cookie Monster Blue Sheepskin
Cookie Monster Blue Sheepskin

Cookie Monster Blue Sheepskin

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This inviting sheepskin can strengthen intuition and one's passions. Grounding for yoga, in your meditation room, or for hanging out on. The soft, long wool looks and feels luxurious. The depth of the gorgeous blue tone will uplift your spirits.

Sheepskins provide multiple benefits for practicing yoga and meditation.  They give you a place of integrity wherever you  put them down; they help you link into your meditative mind easier; they are comforting to your nervous system & relaxing;  they act as an adaptogen in different weather;  they are a natural product of the earth  (a byproduct we are recycling) they are grounding yet allow you to experience connection with your higher self and infinity; they are soft to sit on and very sensuous to the touch.  

Great for healing and layouts, reiki and sat nam rasayan. 


Premium sheepskin New Zealand

40" L x 25" W

2" pile