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Ivory Cloud Double Sheepskin
Ivory Cloud Double Sheepskin
Ivory Cloud Double Sheepskin

Ivory Cloud Double Sheepskin

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- Our double long white sheepskin is perfect for crystal layouts, kundalini yoga, your living room, bedroom, and on the rocks at the ocean!! Super relaxing! 

- It provides great loft and coziness with the very soft thick wool.

- The 2 sheepskin pelts are matched and stitched end to end with heavy duty quality threads. The long size makes it ideal for layouts, reiki healing, and crystal layouts.

- This sheepskin will helps ground your energy, soothe and protect your electromagnetic field during healing.

- This double long sheepskin is ideal for someone who wants extra length in their sheepskin while practicing yoga or wants a beautiful sheepskin to drape at the end of their bed, or on a massage table or at their feet.   

- ivory activates the aura 7th chakra 

-  tanned with ecologically friendly ingredients. This makes the wool super soft and the hide extremely flexible yet durable and healthy for you.  All the sheepskins are one of a kind - and never bleached.  However we strive to bring you a consistent pelt thick and soft which will provide an excellent base for your practice.  Because the whites in our collection are not bleached - there may be natural slight gold sheen. 


Premium sheepskin New Zealand

70" L x 26" W

3" pile plus

9 lbs.