Red Jasper Double Sheepskin
Red Jasper Double Sheepskin

Red Jasper Double Sheepskin

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- Stretch out on this beautiful rich red tipped black double sheepskin. 

- Perfect for practicing your favorite yoga postures, meditating, receiving Reiki, or enjoy partners yoga.  We love sheepskins for ceremony and for relaxing on top of. 

- The uplifting soft violet color will open your third eye,  sooth the senses and lend to a deep meditative restorative time. 

- Soft sumptuous comfort, natural warmth, and healing are inherent in our sheepskins.

- calm and ground the base chakras and stir the fires with this passionate red shade. 

- Rare to get this color in a double.  Its stunning and heavy!


Premium sheepskin New Zealand

72" L x 24" W

3" pile

10 lbs.