Ivory Tantric 4 Pelt Sheepskin Rug
Ivory Tantric 4 Pelt Sheepskin Rug

Ivory Tantric 4 Pelt Sheepskin Rug

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 - Our silky soft wool thick sheepskin rug features a natural shape of 4 sheepskins well-matched and stitched together. The ultimate for a meditation room quiet sanctuary. 

- Very and easy to move around yet provides complete cover.

- Superb as a teaching podium providing ultimate grounding, protection, and insulation to your spine and energy field.

- We love them for crystal layouts with one to four people.  The ones we have now are quite thick and luscious.  

- Drape your couch with this beautiful glistening sensuous rug to create the ultimate relaxation, meditation, and reading nook. Lay one on the floor or over your bed. You will be very happy with this purchase! 

- This is an ideal area sheepskin rug.  You will have full room to stretch out and bring your instruments or books on top with you.  An excellent value. 

- Our sheepskins are never bleached and tanned in the most natural process possible  They will have a golden ivory sheen to them.  Each one is unique.  

- 4 sheepskins together that appear as one piece.  Matched as closely as possible even though every rug and pelt is unique. Very comfortable and versatile.


Premium sheepskins of New Zealand. 

68" L  x  40" W plus  

3" soft fluffy wool pile (our larger ivory quad)

12 lbs