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Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin
Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin
Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin
Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin

Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin

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- long, spacious, fluffy, neutral, green vibe, recycled, ethically sourced, ecologically tanned, and most of all - practically used, bought and sold for over 2 plus decades.  

 -  build an energetically grounding foundation for your kundalini yoga practice and adorn your house with softness and comfort. Great around your house - on the couch, on a chair, under your feet - endless possibilities to add comfort and warmth.  

- this skin accommodates all of the positions in Kundalini Yoga and will cover you head to mid-thigh for postures and layouts on your back.  

-  tanned with ecologically friendly ingredients. This makes the wool super soft and the hide extremely flexible yet durable and healthy for you.  All the sheepskins are one of a kind - and never bleached.  However we strive to bring you a consistent pelt thick and soft which will provide an excellent base for your practice. 

- the ivory golden color opens up your aura and 8th chakra 

- all our sheepskins are from free range farms raised with the utmost compassion and reverence.  Always a byproduct and tanned with ecological ingredients that are recycled and cared for which makes the sheepskin softer and energetically cleaner as well.  

- for a step up to this sheepskin as far as size and wool length in ivory - check out the Magic Carpet sheepskins or Ivory Doubles. 

Specs: Origin: New Zealand/Australia 

40"-42"  Long  26" Wide 

3" wool length

4.0 lbs.