Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin
Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin
Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin

Sat Nam Ivory Sheepskin

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Long, spacious, fluffy, neutral, green vibe, recycled, ethically sourced, ecologically tanned, and most of all - practically used, bought and sold for over 2 plus decades.  

Build an energetically grounding foundation for your kundalini yoga practice and adorn your house with softness and comfort.

Great around your house - on the couch, on a chair, under your feet - endless possibilities to add comfort and warmth.  

This skin accommodates all of the positions in Kundalini Yoga and will cover you head to mid-thigh for postures and layouts on your back.  

Tanned with ecologically friendly ingredients. This makes the wool super soft and the hide extremely flexible yet durable and healthy for you.  All the sheepskins are one of a kind - and never bleached hence the natural golden glow after tanning. 

Ivory golden color opens up your aura and 8th chakra. 

You will love this sheepskin if its your first - or an addition to your collection!

Limited supply until Mid July!  


Origin: New Zealand 

42" Long  25" Wide

3" wool length 

3 lbs.